Days to SpringDon’t let the snow fool you. Spring is just around the corner! It’s time for everyone to start preparing. Let’s face it, we’ve all put on a few extra pounds – and homes have accumulated a few extras as well – and they’re not all good. How many of us still have holiday bags with gifts we’ve been meaning to exchange or return? What about the Christmas lights? It’s February people! What about the box of decorations? Is it still waiting to be put away? Valentine’s Day probably didn’t help either. It may have come and gone but those chocolates are probably still lingering. Ok, you can have one more – but that’s it! Time is ticking! With just 22 days to go, Spring will be here before you know it. Yes – 22 days – that’s it! Spring is officially here Friday, March 20th.

Here are some great tips to help get your house ready for Spring 2015!

– Deep Clean Carpets and Rugs – you should do this once or twice a year, it’s worth the investment to hire a professional
– Clean Out Medicine Cabinets – yes visitors will peak! purge expired meds, refill prescriptions, update toothbrushes, cosmetics, bandaids etc.,
– Declutter Your Home Office – organize bills and important documents, shred old credit card statements or unnecessary files, clear desk and tabletops
– Clean Windows/Treatments – wash drapes, dust blinds, wash glass panels as well as screens
– Garage/Tag Sales – tackle the kids’ playroom, messy closets and cluttered basement; this can be done in one weekend, enlist the whole family
– Basement Window Wells – make sure these are clean and clear
– Service Air Conditioners – clean/changes filters, test functionality – Summer is NOT when you want to find out your unit/system isn’t functioning properly
– Replace Doormats – the snow, ice and salt have surely done a number on your mats
– Roof Check – flashing should be tight and sealed, inspect shingles to ensure you can weather the soon to hit Spring storms
– Clean Gutters – if you didn’t do it in the fall, it definitely needs to be done now to prevent clogs that could result in water leaks in your house
– Power Wash – siding, driveways and walkways – this should be done twice a year
– Tree Trimming – the Spring kind – trim back trees and bushes to better showcase your house
– Hire a Home Inspector – find/prioritize any issues and make repairs as needed

If you’re considering putting your home on the market this Spring, contact your Donnelly Group agent(s) today to get help with this prep list and much more.

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